The World in a Park for TraSguardi: COOPI Suisse is expecting you!

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Imagine a city full of colours, sounds and smells. Imagine a world in which cultures, languages and flavours come together and enrich one another.

Il Mondo al Parco, the World in a Park is a day of celebration, solidarity and of mutual understanding where cultures, sounds and flavours from different parts of the world are experienced. It’s a day to explore the various activities and projects of around fifty foreign and local cultural associations and non-governmental organisations which operate in four continents.

TraSguardi is an intercultural event which occurs annually aiming to encourage this important aspect of urban social life. Since 2003 this event has been an important occasion to meet and explore the cultures that animate our environment.

As an event of international and local solidarity, there will be a street market offering food, music, flavours and fragrances from all around the world. It’s a day to explore activities and projects of approximately fifty foreign and local cultural associations and non-governmental organisations, promoted by the Department of Integration and Social Information (DIIS) and of the Federation of the Swiss Italian NGOs (FOSIT).

As every year, we of COOPI Suisse will be there to greet and meet people, to witness our commitment in the world regarding the most disadvantaged populations and to share with fellow associations the values of solidarity… and simply to be part of this engaging, educating and enjoyable day!

Lugano: Parco Ciani and Rivetta Tell, Saturday 17th September 2016.

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