Andrea and Ahuda are the same for Santa and are the same for you


We wanted to imagine the same kind of end for both Andrea and Ahuda, right now around Christmas, when all wishes come true!

Andrea lives in a nice, warm house, pampered by his mother and father.

Even little Ahuda is lucky, he has two parents who love him; yes, they do live in a small hut and every day the family is unsure how they are going to eat. However, they continue to be happy.

This said, when someone rings the doorbell, for Andrea this means a Christmas present, while for Ahuda it is a warlord who gives him weapons and throws him into a world of violence and despair.

Yet Andrea and Ahuda are two equal children: same age, same needs, the same hopes.. They are just born in two different countries.

Fortunately, Santa really does exist – and that’s you! With your regular support you help to change destinies such as that of Ahuda and hundreds of other children like him.

… And in the end, Andrea and Ahuda continue to live their lives every day: they go to school, they grow and learn.. And live happily ever after.

Info: Child Protection Project in the Central African Republic



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