Coopi Suisse at Lugano Festival of Human Rights

The October 5 opens the third edition of Human Rights Festival in Lugano, in Cinema Corso. Eighteen films will be shown with moments of debate and study for citizens and ticino students. Coopi Suisse participates the initiative with a coordination of a debate for students, focused on the tragedy that the displaced persons from the north of Mali are experiencing, after jihadist violence.

The October 7, starting with the vision of the documentary “They will have to kill us first”, with the moderation of Coopi Suisse and the participation of Massimo Salvatori (responsible Coopi Mali) and Gianluca Verga (RSI), students can deal with the deal of Human Rights: they must be protected when there is no liberty or there isn’t the respect of the individual dignity.

Human Rights are well defined to protect the fundamental aspects of human being against the arbitrary power, during peace as well as in war, and they are listed into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of December 10, 1948. They are universal and inalienable.

The recognition of dignity and human universal inalienable rights is the foundation of liberty, of justice and peace in the world.

Key point is the attention to the cinematographic value of proposed works and their authors, but also to Kids and their voice-over. Five days full of inspirations and occasion to meditate, on human dignity with one main aim: stimulate dialog, not providing answers, but proposing topics basis to confront each other.

Between spectators, there will be many class of students, with already 1500 signed up.

The location of this third edition of the Festival, (Cinema Corso in Lugano) represents the will to reinforce the presence of manifestation in the city center and the will to characterize one place in five days.

The Cinema Corso, the biggest room in Ticino (547 seats), will be equiped with a new digital projection system.

The supervision is entrusted to Olmo Giovannini and Antonio Prata, with Roberto Pomari in Presidency.

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