Lions of Monteceneri and the project “water for life, water for peace”

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How is it possible to guarantee peace, as well as to assure life, by giving water to poor populations in Chad?

This is what Lions of Monteceneri have done thanks to their multi-year campaign “water is life”: this year their support has been given to the construction of 3 wells in Mayo, Moro and Danamadji cantons, Grande Sido department, in a development project promoted by COOPI Suisse.

In some African countries where water is a precious and scarce good, to bring water means to give life. But non only this. It also means to bring peace. Very often, ethnical-religious fights that break out in villages are mainly conflicts for grabbing scarce available resource. In Africa crafts are ended down from father to son, they are often subdivided in ethnic groups with their specific religious belief. In poor rural villages, farmers fight with breeders for the water use and the surrounding ground. To intervene by giving access to water and by helping populations to agree in the use of common resources means to guarantee life, peace and country stability.

You can contribute to the construction of other 3 wells foreseen by the project by making a donation at COOPI Suisse cause “Construction of wells for livestock in Chad”.

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