Friends of Coopi Suisse

From the 7th of June 2016, COOPI Suisse is engaged in a direct dialog campaign in the Ticino Canton

Friends of COOPI Suisse change history: they bring food, water and safety

Thank you for staying on the side of the most vulnerable, where there’s hunger, injustice and poverty.

There are millions of people in the world living in critical conditions: women, men and children who fight every day to survive wars, natural disasters and exploitation.

They need water to keep infections and diseases under control. They need education to prevent and mitigate natural disasters. They need field irrigation systems and water for animals in order to ensure their food resources.

Thanks to the Friends of COOPI Suisse, local communities now have access to drinking water and irrigation. The populations affected by natural disasters are able to face emergencies. And women and men have learned innovative techniques for cultivation and farming.

In the next three years we want to help 48.000 men, women and children to overcome poverty in Chad, Ethiopia, Somalia and in the Central African Republic. We aim to ensure clean drinking water and hygienic conditions to 40.000 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan within two years.

Your support changes the story of :


Villages hit by drought

You contribute to build wells and pipes for water supply even in most remote villages


Communities hit by natural disasters


Thanks to you we can train communities about the possibilities to prevent natural disasters, how to react to them and how to mitigate consequences


Populations without food resources

Your support offers farmers seeds to cultivate and innovative methods to increase their production

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