Lebanon Project 2014

Syrian Refugees’ Support in Lebanon

Beneficiary: over 37.000 Syrian refugees escaping from the conflict.

The refugees in Lebanon, about 1.200.000 registered and censured by UNHCR, are distributed internally in the Lebanese territory, with largest concentrations of recorded refugees in Bekaa Valley (38%) and in the north of Lebanon (27%).

The majority of refugees live in rented houses or hosted by Lebanese families, only 15% of them live in receptions centers or tent cities.

The influx of Syrians refugees in Lebanon has strength country resources like water, already scarce in much parts of Lebanon as also for the water and sanitary systems. As the result is the inability of Lebanese territorial entities to satisfy all needs.

COOPI interventions in Beirut city and on the Monti Lebanon Region, had its objective the protection of Syrian families arriving during winter season (through the thermal isolation of houses, heater, blankets and clothes distribution), the installation of mobile clinics, with particular attention to vaccination of children and the improvement of hygienic conditions with constructions of toilettes, the purification of water and awareness campaign.

In particular, COOPI Suisse contributed to the distribution of material and clothes in preparation to winter season, tent isolation kits, easy to be assembled, which allow the internal isolation of the tent lifting up the floor and waterproofing it. Furthermore it has been furnished to the families a kit for reinforcing tents and operate some repairs to protect tents from rain.

COOPI Suisse contribution: 6.000,00 CHF

Capital Gathering from privates among which 3 main donnors (Rovelli, Ricci, Chierichetti).    

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