Ethiopia Project 2013

Progetto Etiopia 2017Renewable resources

Support to the efficient use of renewable energy resources in order to improve the life conditions of the rural communities of South-Ethiopia.

Somali Region, Liben Area, Filtu & Hudet district

Oromia Region, Borena Area, Arero District

Gujji Zone & Gorodolla

Beneficiaries are the most disadvantaged pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in five districts: Filtu, Hudet, Arero, Liben and Gorodolla (about 70.110 people – Nacional census 2007).

Electric coverage in Ethiopia is very limited and in rural areas only the 0,4% have electricity for private use. Totally, in the Country, electricity reach the 27% of total population. (Plan for Accelerated and Sustainable Development to End Poverty –PASDEP 2007/2008).

In the five district involved in the project, only the 10,5% ha access to electricity for the entire day, while remaining 89,5% have no access.

With this project COOPI has promoted renewable energy diffusion and utilization, undertaking the development and awareness of the communities where they are employed and in the equipment of dedicated materials.

All this with the aim of allowing to as many people as possible access to electricity, to slow down the deforestation process, improve quality life of involved people and support the bloom of small economic activities which will take advantage of this resource.

Specific objective: to grow up the production, the supply and the efficient utilization of renewable energies for the essential social services, for the families and the income generating activities. 389.919 kwh of energy will be produced through renewable resources.

Result 1: to equip school of solar systems, sanitary center, public well and facilities which involve veterinary systems.


4 rural schools equipped with solar energy for obtaining yearly 2000kwh, to be used for lights and to work in laboratories. Furthermore, the solar equipment gives the possibility to carry out evening lessons for adults.

This activity will be useful for 2000 children;

4 sanitary poles in the rural areas with solar energy to have yearly 2000kwh. The beneficiary of this activity are 12.000, especially women and children as it provides for improve services pre and post childbirth and services dedicated to children;

It has been improved the use of water wells during the dry season thanks to the use of solar energy. The beneficiary of this activity are 10.000 users;

It has been improved also veterinarian centers. The beneficiary are 16.000 farmers.

Result 2: establishment of private enterprises (cooperatives and individuals) who works thanks to solar energy system.


3 agricultural cooperatives working in agricultural irrigation with solr energy hydraulic pumps. The beneficiary are 56 members of cooperatives.

25 individuals, who live in areas not covered by the national grid, are trained and equipped of solar system to create energy production and the birth of small activities as shops and restaurantes.

Result 3: domestic use of low consumption stoves.


Individuals and cooperatives are engaged in the production of low consumption stoves. 6000 of these stoves are distributed to the local community with the aim of promoting low consumption stoves. The beneficiary of this activity are 30.000 users.

Result 4: Capacity building on renewable energy systems in Oromia and Somalia region.

Activities: They are training 40 professionals on renewable energy at technical, procedural and management level.

Coopi Suisse contribution: 4.500,00 CHF

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