Children Project

From the 7th of June 2016, COOPI Suisse is engaged in a direct dialog campaign in the Canton of Ticino

Supporters of the Children Project bring food, care and protection.

Thank you for protecting children affected by violence, hunger and exploitation

In the poorest countries and in the countries severely affected by armed conflicts, children are the major victims. Some of them suffer from malnutrition and lack food and water. Others have experienced violence or were obliged to fight. Children are forced to leave their country and to renounce their childhood.

Thanks to the supporters of the Children Project, many little recipients receive care for malnutrition and psychological support to forget the traumas experienced. They can start a new life made up with affection and education. Children who escaped the war and trying to find a safe place to grow up together with their family.

In 2 years, we want to save 60.000 childrebetween 0 and 5 years from malnutrition in Chad, Mali and Nigeria.

This year we want to protect 4.500 little refugees, male and female child victims, from violence and from the recruitment of armed conflicts in Lebanon, Central African Republic and Congo Democratic Republic.

Your support changes the story of a child:


Who suffers from malnutrition

Thanks to you, children can be brought to one of the Health Centres where he/she receives medical care as well as psychological assistance


Forced to fight

You offer an ex child soldier hospitality and the necessary support to come to terms with the tragedy he has experienced, helping him or her to go back to school and live a normal and dignified life.


Who has been subject to violence

You guarantee a child health care and psychological support to overcome trauma and to help him or her to reintegrate in the community


Escaping the war

You offer children the opportunity to study and to live in decent conditions, even far away from home.

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