Chad Project 2015

Progetto Ciad 2017

Support to production chain of peanuts and sesame

Chad Republic, Sila Region, Mouro Canton, Habile Wara Canton

Despite the strong Chad agricultural potential, the 21% of its population suffer of temporary or chronic food uncertainty. The project for supporting a production chain of peanuts and sesame has its objective in growing the life level and food certainty of the population in the Est Chad and Sila Region. These two plantations have been chosen for their strong economic potential on the local market.

The project objective is to sustain this production chain strengthen the farmer’s grouping, with particular attention to women and young generation, promoting the activities which generate revenue in the production, processing, distribution and marketing of products.

Result 1: Communities learn the improved techniques of peanut and sesame production which respects the environment.

Result 2: a market study of the chain allow to structure and offer instruments of analysis and commercial promotion in support of small producers.

Result 3: the participants of rural development take part to the processing, distribution and marketing, promoting the employment of women and young generation.

COOPI Suisse resources contributed to the construction of two multi-service poles, at Kerfi in the Mouro canton and another at Goz Beida in the Habile Wara canton. These poles are storage, processing, marketing and collection locations for several producers of the chain.

The poles are equipped with machines which allow hulling of peanuts and presses.

COOPI Suisse contribution: 4.000,00 CHF

Capital Gathering from privates among which a substantial donor (Nina Rovelli).

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