Chad Project 2013

Progetto Ciad 2017

Child Protection & Childhood Rights in Chad

City of Ndjamena, Chad Republic

Local Partner: FAFED – Fondation d’Amour pour la Formation des Enfants en Détresse, Active ONG since 1995

The difficult context, the complex political situation and the low economic growth make childhood one of the most vulnerable categories, whose rights are violated. The project is carried out in the capital city, N’Djamena which is a overcrowded city, compared to the basic services available to the population. In the last few years, the city has become a destination for young people coming from rural places. They become potential victims of trade and/ or of various violations, which in most cases damage children without marital status, without family or victims of the worst form of labor.


  • 200 young people from N’Djamena up to 18 years old, with particular attention to abandoned children, orphaned children, street children and working minors.
  • Facilities childcare




Principal actions of the project:

1. capability reinforcement of the childcare facilities 

  • renovation of the facilities childcare
  • school reintegration and activities for vocational training of children
  • promotion of good hygiene practices, health, nutrition for vulnerable children and for the staff of homeless shelter

2. awareness of the population and local authorities

  • realization of an awareness campaign on territory

COOPI Suisse contribution: 4.500,00 CHF

Capital Gathering from private funding together with a substantial donor (Nina Rovelli).

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